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Broedmachine Rcom King Sure

Op voorraad

Naam: Rcom KINGSURO MAX 20

Capaciteit: 24 kippen eieren of 20 eenden eieren of 60 kwartel eieren of 9 ganzen eieren of 40 fazanten eieren of 36 papegaaien eieren.

Temp. Control: Automatisch

Temp. Limieten: 20~42C° / 68~107.6°F

Vocht controle: Automatisch

Vocht limiet: 20%~70%

Keersysteem: automatisch

Display: FND

Voeding: 220v-240v

Afmetingen: 432*231*262mm incl. keersysteem.

Gewicht: 2.5Kg


Automatic Temperature & Humidity control

The Rcom KINGSURO MAX 20 is the incubator with creditability to have a superior design

and function which help in controlling optimum incubation conditions.

Auto Egg Van

Automatic egg turning function with Auto Egg Van (Cradle).

and low-noise egg-turning motor.

* Egg-turning stop setting necessary 3 days before hatching day.


APS (Automatic Pumping System)

Humidification is controlled automatically by APS.

Cooling control cycle setup function

What is the cooling control cycle setup function?

It is an implementation of times like when a hen is not brooding the eggs away for feeding,

a function that cools down for the set time out of 24 hours a day.

Natural cooling provides the environment which is most similar to the conditions in chicken hatching.

(Periodic cooling helps to achieve hatching successfully, but prior knowledge may be required to perform cooling functions.)

Tray + Divider

A tray + divider is included which can be used by adjusting the divider

interval according to the egg size, so can hatch a various eggs at once.

Air Vent (Air Controlling Lever)

Variable air control lever to control air amount inside the incubator.

Buzzer with abnormal conditions

Rcom KINGSURO MAX 20 notifies you when abnormal temperature occurs with buzzer.

Detachable controller

One touch detachable electric controller.

Rcom's optimum air flow technology

Applying Rcom's optimum air flow technology to avoid the fan's air from directly touching egg.

In addition, the bottom and the tray have a double structure, so the insulation in good.

Tray with embossed feature

for preventing skid

The tray where the newborn bird steps on is embossed with an anti-slip treatment to prevent leg deformity.

Clean and transparent large view window

View window for minimizing the influence of outside temperature.

High-reliability incubator for hatching

of rare birds

Incubation environment except for general poultry is controlled automatically.

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