Broedmachine Rcom 10 Pro Plus

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Naam: Rcom PRO PLUS 10

Capaciteit: 10 kippen eieren of 30 kwartel eieren

Temp. Control: Automatisch

Temp. Limieten: 20~42C° / 68~107.6°F

Vocht controle: Automatisch

Vocht limiet: 20%~70%

Keersysteem: automatisch van 0°~360°

Display: LCD

Voeding: 12v adapter

Afmetingen: 259*236,5*172mm

Gewicht: 2.5Kg

Rcom PRO+ 10's unique egg candling system

The world's first incubator included egg candler, External egg candler is unnecessary.
Automatic egg-turning and
stop function
Rcom PRO+ 10 automatically adjust the egg-turning according to the set bird.
and low-noise stepping egg-turning motor.
Optimum incubation conditions
with bird selecting
You can easily set up incubation environment, and there is no need for additional setup or management other than adding water to maintain humidity.
Rcom's patent technology is applied to the incubator for optimum temperature setting and convenient egg turning.
APS (Automatic Pumping System)
Humidification is controlled automatically by APS.
Cooling control cycle setup function
What is the cooling control cycle setup function?
It is an implementation of times like when a hen is not brooding the eggs away for feeding,
a function that cools down for the set time out of 24 hours a day.
Natural cooling provides the environment which is most similar to the conditions in chicken hatching.
(Periodic cooling helps to achieve hatching successfully, but prior knowledge may be required to perform cooling control functions.)
Clean Air-filter without worrying about
feather dust or foreign matter after hatching
Built-in air filter out dust and impurities. (* Insert air filter 3 days before hatch.)
It can be used several times with dense filter material and it easy to clean water.
You can incubate various sized eggs
Egg tray which can simultaneously store different types of eggs.
Buzzer with abnormal conditions
Rcom PRO+ 10 notifies you when abnormal temperature occurs.
High-reliability incubator for hatching
of rare birds
Incubation environment except for general poultry is controlled automatically
for learners, hobbyists or manias.
Large view window to observe eggs
View window for minimizing the influence of outside temperature.


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